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For this exhibit, we explored the first chapter of Genesis—the creation of heaven and earth, of light and darkness, of stars and water, and of living creatures. In preparation, we read many different translations of the text as well as midrashim—stories that embellish and offer further explanations and interpretations of the Biblical text. We also had study sessions on evolution—we learned about natural selection and the wondrous diversity of living things.

beaded fabric
dyed fabric
paper art
Confluence ll
Elements of Life
painted glass vase
silk tallit
ink on paper
detail Breen art
painted silk
Third Day
Creation of a New Day!
Sandy M. Baron  
detail   more
First Light  
Jane Bassuk
   detail  more
Birth of the World  
Renanah Halpern
   detail  more
Genesis...On the Third Day
Paula Leiter Pergament
detail    more
“Embraced by Creation”
Making My Own Batik Tallit (Prayer Shawl)
Aimee Orkin  detail   more
In the Beginning
Lucy Rose Fischer    more
Elements of Life
Rochelle Woldorsky
 detail   more
Salt of Earth
Barbara (Boko) Kvasnick-Nunez
Confluence II
Joyce Lyon   detail   more
May these things never end
Dianne Silverman   more
Enchantment of Our Moon
Bette Globus Goodman
detail   more
The Work of Creation is Never Finished
Anita White   detail  more
Ex Nihilo 
Sandra A. Brick  detail more
Creation Day 5 and 6
Lynda Monick-Isenberg   
detail  more
Gloria Cooper    detail   more
Elkinsia Polymorpha
Rachel Breen   detail  more
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Day 6 and 7
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painting detail
painted dancer