Exhibit: Tikkun-Repair
“Refuah Shlemah”
Organic cotton flannel
Fox Fiber, glass beads, nylon thread, organic bamboo fabric,
ultra suede
35” h x 72” w x ½”d

Kabbalah-Envisioning The Infinite
“No Place”

Plywood base, shibori dyed noir silk, mirror,
Heatbond and glue
48” h x 12” w x 1”d    more
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Creation fabric art
Mirror fabric art
Exhibit: Creation!
And there was evening
and there was morning...
“Ex Nihilo”

Shibori and rust dyed Crepe de Chine silk
22” x 90”    
Prayer Shawl
Soul Vessel
Jewish Women
and Prayer
“Prayer Urn III”

Hand dyed muslin, silk, ultra suede,
fabric marker,
spackling, glass beads, nylon thread, copper wire, polyurethane
and metal stand:
19” h x 9½” w x 9 ½” d more
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Photo by Wendy Blomseth of
InBeaute Photography
“What if?” is a question that guides both my artwork and my teaching. The products of my explorations can be seen in the Minneapolis Institute of Art, local and national galleries and shops. I hope to enhance religious faith and ritual in everything we do and in everything we select by producing works of art for Jewish daily life. I have taught dyeing, beading and creativity workshops on four continents. Among my repertoire of presentation-seminars is the popular
“Art as Midrash.” As an artist-teacher, I love to work with clients to co-create commissioned heirlooms.
Exhibit: Neshama
Visions of the Soul
“Soul Vessel”
Hand dyed cheesecloth, resin stand-cardboard, copper wire, and
36” h x 8” w more
Prayer Urn