Exhibit: Tikkun-Repair
“Tikkun in a Current”
Acrylic inks, acrylic gel mediums
39”h x 25”w    more
Kabbalah-Envisioning The Infinite
“All is One Without End”

Hand cut paper, acrylic inks
18”h x 18”w    more
Kabbalah art image
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Exhibit: Creation!
And there was evening
and there was morning...
“Birth Of The World”

Acrylic inks, 23.5 K shell gold
26”h x 20”w      more
Creation art image
Tikkun art image
Soul art image
Jewish Women and Prayer
“The still, small voice”

Walnut ink, gouache, colored pencil. Detail of artwork,
33”h x 25”w     more
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Rani Halpern is well-known for her ketubot and papercutting. Her artwork, commissioned by synagogues, community organizations and individuals, has been exhibited in numerous shows over the past 25 years. She has taught classes in visual/Judaic arts since 1974, and was a finalist for
a 2008 Bush Artist Fellowship.
Exhibit: Neshama
Visions of the Soul
“Ner Adonai Nishmat Adam-
The Lamp of G-d is the
Human Soul”
Acrylic inks, colored pencil,
walnut ink, 23½ K shell gold
on paper and parchment.
32”h x 25”w     more
detail Prayer art