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photo Lucy Rose
Lucy Rose Header
detail of art
Exhibit: Creation!
And there was evening and there was morning...
“In the Beginning”
Reverse paint
on hand-blown glass bowl
13"h x 8"w
3 vases

Lucy Rose Fischer creates vibrant and whimsical images on hand-blown glass bowls and vases—
painting upside down, inside out and backwards.
Her art has been shown in over 50 exhibitions. Before launching her art career, she had a 25-year career as an award-winning researcher and writer. Her fourth book, I’m New at Being Old, received a Midwest Book Award and an Independent Publishers Gold Award.  
She and her art are featured on the Twin Cities Public television documentary “Life Changing Art”. Lucy Rose is the Founder and Coordinator of the Jewish Women Artists’ Circle.
or 952-925-0649

Exhibit: Neshama
Visions of the Soul
“Community of Souls”
Reverse paint on hand-blown glass
14”h x 12”w x 8”d
Exhibit: Kabbalah
Invisioning the Infinite
“With Each Breath,
I Breathe in
the Universe"
Acrylic paint on
glass and metal

22"h x
18"w x12”d
Exhibit: Tikkun-Repair
“A Place in the Sun”
Reverse paint on hand-blown glass
15"h x 13"w
“Community of Souls”
Reverse paint on hand-blown glass
14”h x 12”w x 8”d
reverse paint on hand-blown glass
Creation painted vase
Kabbalah painted glass
miners glass vase
glass bowl
Jewish Women And Prayer
"Thank YOU
for making me a woman"
3 hand blown glass vases
with paint/collage:
11"h x 7"w x 3"d;
13½"h x 8"w x 3½"d;

10"h x 8"w x 3"d