sketch of group
Exhibit: Tikkun-Repair
“We Are All Alone: Look at Usl”
Sillk, thread, paper, newspaper article
48"h x 26"w
Exhibit: Kabbalah-
Envisioning The Infinite
“Layers of Hidden Mystery and Meaning”

Aeils, tulle, painted silk, drawing curtain rods
52”h x 36”w x 30”d  
page bkg
Anita creates sketches of the artists as we study with visiting scholars.
Creation art
Kabbalah main art
Tikkun art
Exhibit: Creation!
And there was evening
and there was morning...
“The Work of Creation
is Never Finished”

Silk, irridescent paint, silk dye, gutta resist
50”h x 28”w
Soul art detail
detail Kabbalah art
Jewish Women
and Prayer
“King David”

Painted silk and sewn purple silk
18”h x 18”w   more
Anita name heading
Artist photo
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Anita White is an artist, writer, teacher and community
organizer who lives near Minnehaha Falls in south
Minneapolis. She has been teaching in the Saint Paul
Jewish Community since 1988. “Teaching is a way to help
others find their creative path. Encouragement ignites
creative sparks!” Anita paints, draws and writes every day.
She recorded her daily journey through elder caregiving
and the death of her parents. “My art is inspired by
moments of beauty and the lives of those around me.
Through drawing I find humor, joy, compassion and a navigational tool for any situation. Nothing is so scary you can’t draw it!” Anita and Bob Schmitt co-founded LoLa ( League of Longfellow Artists in 2009. Anita’s work can also be found at
Exhibit: Neshama - Visions of the Soul
“Honour your Father and Mother”
Pen, ink, watercolor and painted silk.
detail of art 30"h x 24”w     more
Prayer art