“Shevirat Hakeilim- Shattering of
the Vessel”
Paper-mâché globe, photo collage, glass bulb glued with broken colored glass, puzzle pieces, beads and
monofilament string
22”h x 14”w
Exhibit: Kabbalah-
Envisioning The Infinite
“The Divine Light of G-d
is Everywhere
Or Shechina
B’chol Hayikum”

Batik wax on silk, Jacquard Dye-na-flow silk dye, mounted on #110 lb rag paper
72”h x 24”w    more
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Creation Tallit
Kabbalah main image
Soul art
Exhibit: Creation!
And there was evening and there was morning...
“Embraced by Creation”

Cotton muslin, jaquard dye, batik wax
30"h x 72"w  
Tikkun Globe
detail image Kabbalah
Jewish Women and Prayer
“To lay tefillin or not...”

Charcoal, pastel and pencil on black stonehenge paper:
37”h x 30”w
Aimee Name Heading
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Aimee Orkin has been teaching art at the Minneapolis Jewish Day School since 1995. She has an MFA from Brandeis University in Theater Scene Design. Her art projects most recently have included painting and drawing celebrations of life, murals, ketubot, and other Judaic art. Her artwork is in the permanent Judaic collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.
Exhibit: Neshama -
Visions of the Soul
“Exploring God’s Designs in Search of the Soul”
Chalk pastel and colored pencil drawing on black Strathmore paper
32½"h x 24”w    more
Prayer art